Proposed Sessions

Conference sessions will be included on the following topics, however other topics that address the conference theme and sub-themes are also invited.

Regional and local nitrogen budgets Nitrogen impacts in terrestrial ecosystems Cropping systems: Nitrogen efficiency, loss pathways and mitigation Advances in nitrogen measurement techniques
Managing the complexity of nitrogen cycles in an urbanised world Reducing nitrogen impacts in ocean, reef and estuarine environments Legumes and biological nitrogen fixation for improved nitrogen utilisation Simulations and modelling of nitrogen fluxes and transformations
Balancing the role of reactive nitrogen in emerging and developing economies Industrial and transport atmospheric emissions and mitigation Advances in enhanced nitrogen efficiency fertilisers Improving nitrogen use efficiency and reducing losses from animal agriculture
Integrated approaches, life-cycle analysis, nitrogen footprint, indicators and metrics Reducing Green House Gas emissions through improved nitrogen management
Learning from exceptional farming systems Progressive approaches for effective communication and engagement Promising technologies for improved nitrogen use efficiency in crop production Promising technologies for improved nitrogen use efficiency in animal production

Preliminary Program

This is a preliminary program for your reference. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Sunday 4th December 2016

Exhibition Set-up
Welcome Reception

Monday 5 December 2020

Opening Ceremony
Plenary Sessions
Parallel Sessions
Poster Exhibition
Conference Dinner - Melbourne Aquarium

Tuesday 6 December 2020

Field Trips

Wednesday 7 December 2020

Plenary Sessions
Parallel Sessions
Poster Exhibition
Evening Community Forum

Thursday 8 December 2020

Plenary Sessions
Poster Exhibition
Closing Ceremony
MCG Tours