Fertcare® – moving toward more effective nitrogen use

Jeff Kraak1, Nick Drew

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Fertilizers provide an effective way to replace valuable plant nutrients such as nitrogen (N) that are removed in crop and animal products. Environmental issues associated with nutrients are areas of policy focus and public debate. Excess nutrients moving from agricultural land can harm other eco systems. An example is the movement of N from agricultural land into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

The fertilizer industry has made a commitment to effectively manage environment issues by developing and delivering its’ product stewardship program, Fertcare®.  This program encourages effective use of fertilizers to optimise crop and pasture yield while managing offsite movement of nutrients.

With over 2,900 people trained, 300 Accredited Advisors and 80 Accu-Spread® contractor machines, Fertcare® is effective in communicating good practices in fertilizer use and reducing environment risks. Fertcare® provides assurance to government, consumers and farmers that sound practices are being followed, and the program integrates with nutrient management public policy.