Relative contributions of NH3, NO2, NH4+ and NO3- to total Nitrogen deposition at an agricultural site in the Indo-Gangetic Plain of India

Saumya Singh*, Anshu Sharma* and U.C. Kulshrestha*

*School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067 INDIA


Atmospheric emissions of reactive nitrogen (Nr) species namely NH3 and NOx are at high levels in India in recent years, but only a few studies have employed nitrogen (N) deposition monitoring for gaseous and particulate N depositions together to evaluate total dry N deposition.  In the present study, gaseous N pollutants (NH3 and NO2) and related ionic species (NH4+, NO3-) were determined in water-soluble fine particulates at an agricultural site in the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) during July-Sept,2013 with the aim of estimate the relative contribution of respective species to total dry N deposition. The NH3 and NO2 levels were recorded as 30.41µg/m3 and 4.0 ±2.3 µg/m3. Aerosol NH4+ and NO3-concentrations were measured at 0.37 µg/m3 and 1.43 µg/m3.These values are at a relatively higher scale which might be due to high fertilizer use and biomass burning. Contribution of reduced for and oxidized form of nitrogen was also calculated.